Meet Glenn and Monica, the creatively dynamic duo who were brought together while working in the film industry in 2019. Their connection was immediate, fuelled by their shared love for storytelling and a quirky sense of humour that threaded them together. Little did they know that their meeting would give birth to the unique brand, Quivro Clothing.

The Quivro story unfolds in 2023, during a mundane cupboard cleanout. As they dug through their clothes they stumbled upon an another unexpected parallel, their shared love for sweaters (‘Jumpers’ for those in Australia). It was during this discovery that the idea for Quivro Clothing started.

Quivro goes beyond clothing; it's a canvas where you can wear your beliefs or spark conversation with new friends waiting to be met. Join the Quivro community on a journey where humour meets fashion, and where each garment disrupts the status quo of fashion.

Welcome to Quivro Clothing.