Our patterns are woven into the fabric itself and brought to life through intricate coloured threads.

  • NaturalFriendlyBlend

    Mindful Approach

    Crafted with a mindful approach, our sweaters feature a premium cotton blend. This eco-conscious choice ensures you not only enjoy the softness against your skin but also contribute to sustainable fashion. Feel good inside and out while making a statement with Quivro.

  • Thread by Thread

    Knitwear made with premium cotton-blend jacquard makes these items soft and cozy.This innovative process allows for unparalleled design intricacy, ensuring your sweater is not just a garment but a masterpiece. Embrace the power of personalized style and wear your creativity.

  • WorryFreeWashing

    Worry Free Washing

    Our sweaters are super easy to take care of. You can toss them in the wash without worrying about the colours fading. Enjoy looking awesome without any hassle!